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Reel Resign

3 x 3

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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $100

About this game

Seven Seven Seven (JILI): Slot Review & Theme

Experience the essence of Las Vegas with SevenSevenSeven, a classic video slot game by Jili Games. With its high-quality graphics reminiscent of vintage slot machines, this game offers a chance to win big with a 3x3 reel layout and 5 paylines. Set your bet between $0.10 to $100, spin the reels, and aim for the maximum payout of 2,000 times your bet. SevenSevenSeven is accessible on all devices, providing a seamless gaming experience for everyone.

Paytable and Bet Size

Seven Seven Seven offers players an exciting slot experience with 3 reels and 5 paylines. Within the game, you'll encounter a range of regular symbols that can lead to enticing payouts. These symbols include a single bar worth 10 times your bet, double bars for 15 times your wager, and a light blue seven with a generous 50x multiplier. The excitement continues with a blue seven worth 75 times your bet, a red seven on fire offering a thrilling 100x multiplier, and symbols like a dollar sign and a bell, which bring rewards of 20x and 25x your bet, respectively.

When placing your bets in SevenSevenSeven, you can choose the wager size that suits your gaming style. The maximum bet you can place is 100 units, allowing high-rollers to aim for substantial wins. On the other hand, for those looking to take it slow and steady, the minimum bet starts at just 0.1 units, making it accessible to a wide range of players. This betting range ensures that players of all preferences can enjoy the excitement of SevenSevenSeven and its potential rewards.

About Seven Seven Seven (JILI) at BC.GAME

Seven Seven Seven, the game developed by Jili Games and available at BC.GAME offers an engaging slot experience, although details about its Return to Player (RTP) percentage are unavailable. In terms of variance, the game falls into the medium category, which balances frequent, smaller wins and occasional larger payouts. This medium variance ensures that players can enjoy a mix of steady wins and the potential for more significant rewards, creating an exciting and well-rounded gaming experience.

Feature of Seven Seven Seven (JILI)

Seven Seven Seven offers an exciting gameplay experience with its three Scatter icons: Triple red sevens, blazing seven times pay, and diamonds. When you land two or more matching Scatter icons on specific reels, you trigger one of three special features. These features unlock sets of reels that offer enhanced prize opportunities, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Additionally, Seven Seven Seven introduces a wild icon into the mix. The wild symbol plays a crucial role by substituting for missing regular symbols in winning combinations. Moreover, it brings the potential for multiplied prizes, further increasing your chances of landing lucrative wins. This wild symbol adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the gameplay, making SevenSevenSeven a thrilling slot game to explore.

Seven Seven Seven, a slot game by Jili Games, offers an exciting array of features to enhance your gaming experience:

Bonus Game

Collect two or more Scatter symbols to activate one of three Bonus Games. Each Bonus Game provides unique opportunities for boosted prizes, adding excitement to your gameplay. These are the three Bonus Games available:

1. TRIPLE Bonus Game: If you achieve a payline win with 3 TRIPLE symbols, you gain the corresponding Jackpot. The game also features:
  - 7 Wilds: 3x 100
  - Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Jackpot (JP). One Wild in a Win awards 2x prizes, and two Wilds in a Win awards 4x prizes.
  - Triple 7 in Fires: 3x 15
  - Double 7 in Fires: 3x 10
  - Single Seven in Fires: 3x 5
  - Double BAR: 3x 3
  - Single BAR: 3x 2
  - Any Mixed Symbols: 3x 1

2. BLAZING Bonus Game: A payline win with 3 BLAZING symbols in this Bonus Game grants you the corresponding Jackpot. The game also includes:
  - 7 Wild: 3x 250
  - Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Jackpot (JP). One Wild in a Win offers 3x prizes, and two Wilds in a win give you 9x prizes.
  - Triple 7 in Fires: 3x 15
  - Double BAR: 3x 10
  - Single BAR: 3x 5
  - Cherries: 3x 3
  - Any Mixed BAR: 3x 4
  - Cherries in any position: 2x 1 or 1x 1

3. Diamond Line Bonus Game: This Bonus Game rewards you if you achieve payline wins with 3 or 4 Diamond symbols. The prizes are as follows:
  - Double Blue 7: 4x 777 or 3x 250
  - Single Blue 7: 4x 500 or 3x 120
  - Any Blue 7: 4x 80 or 3x 60
  - Double BAR: 3x 50
  - Single BAR: 3x 30
  - Any Mixed BAR: 4x 20 or 3x 10

Scatter Symbols (SCATTER)

Scatter symbols appear on specific reels only, with one symbol per reel at a time. When you land two or more Scatter symbols, they activate the corresponding Bonus Game. Here's where each Scatter symbol appears:
- TRIPLE Scatter: Only appears on the First reel.
- BLAZING Scatter: Only appears on the Second reel.
- DIAMOND Scatter: Only appears on the Third reel.

Seven Seven Seven (JILI): Summary

Seven Seven Seven, developed by Jili Games, presents an engaging and visually appealing slot game experience. While specific details like the Return to Player (RTP) percentage are not provided, the game compensates with exciting features and potential for substantial wins.

Including three distinct Bonus Games adds depth and variety to the gameplay, allowing players to trigger special features with different reels, promising boosted prizes and an immersive gaming experience. The availability of a wild symbol that substitutes for missing regular symbols and multiplies prizes further enhances the game's excitement and unpredictability.

The paytables for the TRIPLE, BLAZING, and Diamond Line Bonus Games provide clear information on potential payouts for various symbol combinations, giving players a clear understanding of their winning possibilities.

However, the lack of an RTP figure might be a drawback for players who prefer games with transparent return percentages. Additionally, some players may find it helpful to have information on betting limits and strategies for maximizing their chances of winning.

Seven Seven Seven is a captivating slot game with a well-designed theme and enticing features. Its medium variance ensures a balanced blend of smaller and larger wins, catering to a wide range of players. If you enjoy classic slot machine aesthetics and the thrill of Bonus Games, SevenSevenSeven by Jili Games could be a worthwhile choice for your gaming adventures.

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