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Keno is a classical game that has been played for centuries. The idea is simple: pick some numbers and hope they come up. Keno is played on the same principle as bingo, but instead of trying to match numbers on your card with other players' cards, you are hoping your numbers will appear in an array of randomly-generated balls drawn from a drum.

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بدترین گیم وکاملا دستکاری شده
No pattern will help you win more or make you win less. It's equivalent to a slot machine. Predetermined algorithm. It's gonna hit when it's gonna hit....
If you bet small and keep betting you will fail Bet small small BIG BIG small BIG small small smalll REALLY BIG. And you will come out with hundreds of thousands!
Isn't random.. determinate on bet x2 etc.. fucking bullshit
Only loss in keno
Keno kek taik
Only loss, no strategy works
I think BC should update keno to let you auto pick a selected amount of numbers randomly instead of just assuming I wanna play with 10 random numbers, because ya no.i don't
2Weeks RedStreak on 10/10 keno ist possible that Every player get a Max Win Multi per Month! cuz this is getting Insane!
I hope I can survive in the BC game, I'm just losing
Always lost, I don't know are they using artificial intelligence?
Keep fucking with the sockets I dare you.
I apologize Ill bet slow not greedy. Sometimes I get carried away lol Love this Game
180x 259x 400x are the best